Hello! Welcome to our shop for handmade chalk bags for rock climbing and rope jewelry bracelets

Nadamlada - www.nadamlada.com - is a new unique handmade brand, designed for free-minded people. Behind it are Nadya and Petya - landscape architect and an indologist who love to create.
But Nadamlada is more than a trend...

Nadamlada is a movement for people with alternative approach to life.

Nadamlada is even a fight. A fight against the daily grind, against the mass consummation and consumption. Lost in our immediate goals and focusing on things losing importance, we need an alternative. And this is the alternative of handmade.

The things that inspire us are the real and valuable emotions as love, friendship, confidence and trust. Same things, that inspired our grandmas to create. People can be happy, if they open their mind for the real things around.

Buy Nadamlada, retain the handmade cause!

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